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Maestro Cares 2016 Cannes Entry Film

Posted on July 6, 2016

August 2016 Newsletter

Posted on August 20, 2016
Innovative Education In Peru
Launched in 2015, Project Maba is an educational initiative that utilizes technology in innovative and progressive ways in the classroom. In April 2015, Maestro Cares Foundation announced its support for the program.  In 2016, after witnessing the resounding success of the program and its implementation in seven schools, Maestro Cares Foundation decided to take action.  This year, Maestro Cares Foundation sponsored the school “Fe & Alegria No. 25” in San Juan de Lurigancho, Lima, giving 354 children a new love for learning; however, Maestro Cares Foundation and Project Maba’s partners aren’t the only ones helping out.  In July, European Union representatives in Peru donated their hardware and technology to the program.  In addition, they are helping to train teachers on how to best use technology in the classroom.  Because Project Maba’s results have been so overwhelmingly positive, the organization hopes to expand to more vulnerable parts of Peru in order to give children the best possible educational experience.
Meet Alejandro From Casa
Hogar San Miguel
In Puerto Rico, hundreds of children suffer from debilitating diseases and learning disabilities.  Some children cannot be properly cared for in their homes or have been abandoned.  Maestro Cares Foundation and its partners have teamed up to build a home for these disabled and disadvantaged boys.  Construction on the home in Ponce, Puerto Rico began in 2015.  The boys are currently living in the old facility.  Alejandro* is one of those boys.
For two years, Alejandro has been in foster care.  His first year in the system, a family asked to adopt him, but he declined and his sister was adopted instead.  The official adoption papers denied his sister the right to speak with him.  To this day, he does not know where his sister is and he has not had any visitors.  When he turned 18, he requested to stay longer in the system because he was not prepared for independent life with his mental disability.  Hogar San Miguel agreed to take care of and provide a safe home for Alejandro.*Names have been changed to maintain the anonymity of the children.

An Eventful Week At Niños de Cristo
This past July, the kids at Orfanato Niños de Cristo had a memorable week.  It began with baseball players from The New York Mets Dominican Training Academy visiting the children.  Both the children and the players had a wonderful time and shared the hope that these relationships will continue for years to come.
That same week the children were also visited by seven mentors from Goya Foods, Inc., the largest Hispanic-owned food company in the U.S.   In preparation for their arrival, the children had written cards and created beautiful works of art for their mentors.  Over the course of the five-day trip, Goya sponsored a soccer tournament for the boys, gave them a tour of the Goya Foods factory in San Cristobal and took them all to the beach.  On the last day, both the mentors and the children painted their handprints on the wall and said their goodbyes until next year.  Thank you to Goya Foods, Inc. for a successful and memorable mentorship trip!
The Power of Professional Women

In June 2016, the Executive Director of Maestro Cares Foundation, Zaidy Cárdenas, was invited to the 2016 Odyssey Media Business Retreat, a 4-day event that connects multicultural women and strengthens their skills.  Ms. Cárdenas shared her experience and knowledge at the event.  In addition, she told her story about continuing the legacy of her father on the panel “In His Footsteps” alongside Malcolm X’s daughter Ilyasah Shabazz, Reginald Lewis’ daughter Christina Lewis Halpern, and Chief Diversity Officer of Intel and panel moderator Rosalind Hudnell.  Overall, the conference was a great success for all the participants and helped to extend Maestro Cares Foundation’s reach.

Announcing Our New Advisory Council!

Maestro Cares Foundation would like to announce our new Advisory Council.  The Advisory Council members represent the diversity of our community and our field.  We would like to welcome Martha Kumwalt, Roberto Diaz, MD and Amalia Gomez Micome to the Maestro Cares Foundation team!

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